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Dazzling Hanging Glass Bird Feeder

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Bird Feeder Feature Picture

Do you have a candy bowl with a lid or short thin vase sitting around the house waiting for the next yard sale? Maybe you thought about picking up a colorful cut glass bowl and lid at the thrift store but didn't know where you would put it? I found a blue cut glass bowl and sturdy lid with a small round knob as a handle. It had outrun its useful life and I started thinking about recycling center instead of up-cycling for a gift or outside decor.

Supplies needed

  • Marbles, beads, rocks or other small items to decorate and fill your vase;
  • Thin bottle type vase no more than 6 or 7 inches and flat on bottom and on rim on top;
  • Colored Lidded Cut Glass Bowl - (These work well and are easy to find anywhere, especially thrift stores.)
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • 20-50 LB. fishing line
  • 2 feet bendable wire
  • Necklace extender
  • Key ring
  1. Fill your vase (or candle sticks) with some marbles or any other small objects;IMG_1210
  2. Glue the flat bottom of the vase to the center of the bowl with E-6000 adhesive. Let sit about an hour to take hold a bit. Make sure it is straight. E-6000 makes it easy to adjust for a while before it hardens in place.
  3. Take the time to add whatever else to the backside of the lid and glue decorative colored marbles on the top of the glass lid;
  4. Glue the top to the top of the vase;
  5. Using 30 to 50 lb. clear fishing line wrapped around the glued colored marbles and the bottom bowl. You’re going to wrap it in a star pattern. This will keep it tight. Place a dab of E-6000 at the bottom and the top, and wherever you prefer to keep it in place.
  6. Using 2 feet of bendable wire, fold in half and using a necklace extender. Put loop around glass lid knob, and wrap. You can place beads up the wire for an even more decorative effect.
  7. Attach key ring at the end and it is ready to hang on a hook or nail.
  8. All there is left to do is fill with bird seed and hang. Birds not included.....


Tutorial By: Cecelia Melton

Cecilia Melton
Cecelia Melton

As a crocheting and jewelry making enthusiast, she has years of crafting experience.
Whether working with wood or sewing, makes turning her passion for crafting into reality limitless.

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