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DIY Soy Candles - an Easy and a Great Gift!

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I love burning candles around the house. I like to see what new kinds of fragrances there are out there. Really good long burning candles like soy candles are expensive. Finding ones that are super “smelly” as my granddaughter would put it is hard to find too. This year I wanted to learn how to make soy candles. I did my research and found it was really easy and inexpensive to make soy candles. I decided post or not, I would make some for gifts this holiday. Who doesn’t like a great candle?

I found little mason jars at a thrift store for 20 cents each and a set of rhinestone tea cups for $4.99. All the containers were 80z each. I found really reasonable priced candle supplies at both Kentucky Green Art Studio or Candlescience. I ended up making 8 Red Mulberry soy candles and 8 Aqua Warm Vanilla Sugar soy candles.


2 lbs of wax makes 8 8oz containers approximately

  • Heat proof container
  • Soy based wax (5 cups equals 1 lb)
  • Metal Wick bases
  • Wicking
  • Candy thermometer
  • Candle dye chips (optional) (2 chips per pound of wax approximately)
  • Scissors
  • saucepan
  • Stirring spoon
  • Fragrance or Essential Oils ( At least 1 oz per 1 lb. Maybe more depending on your preference).
  • Pencils
  • Glue

Step 1. Place container (sauce pan) in water in double boiler. Put wax in sauce pan (5 cups per 1 lb of soy wax). Melt

Making a Double Boiler

soy wax in pot

Melt wax

Step 2. Cut wicking the height of the container plus 1 inch. Insert wicking in sustainer base, bend end of wicking under sustainer base and glue to bottom of container.

Make wick

Insert Wick

Step 3. Measure out fragrance or essential oil. I have been told that it is typically 1 oz per pound. I used over 1 ounce per pound and in my opinion it could have used more but I think you have to judge it for yourself. Also it smells far more fragrant when you are making them then when they are burning.

Step 4. When Wax reaches 150 degrees, add oil and dye. Remove from heat. It is recommended that you use 2 chips of dye per pound as well. I started with thee and added one for 2 pounds.


pour in fragrence oil

dye chips

stir the dye

Step 5. Pour wax into containers. Balance wicks on pencils so they stay in the middle. If there are any spills, soy wax is extremely easy to clean up as it take a long time to set. a dampened wash cloth or sponge will wipe up any spills or drips without a problem. Dishes wash easily soaked a while in dish soap and hot water.

pencils and wicks

Leave them untouched overnight as they take quite awhile to set.

Soild candle

I had a lot of fun making these candles and they so far have burned great. They cost me about $2 each to make and they are a gift I am happy and proud to give. Do you have any suggestions on making candles?


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