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DIY Homemade Ice Cream Blizzard

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DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

We all love Blizzards, right? If you haven't had a blizzard before, you are surely missing out! A blizzard is your choice of ice cream and your choice of candy, blended together in a fabulous guilty pleasure treat. When was the last time you tried to buy one? Last time I went a medium was up to close to $5!! My heart broke a little and I took my ice cream craving butt out the door.

So I thought in my sad state of deprivation, you know what? I DON'T NEED THEM! I can do it myself! And I did! Here is how to make a killer blizzard at home.

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

Gather your ingredients.

You can really go crazy here. My family personally likes plain vanilla ice cream, reese's peanut butter cups, and butterfingers. We also picked up some whipped cream too. They don't offer you that at that overpriced delicious place, do they!?

Ice Cream - My Personal Accent

Scoop up that ice cream!

Scoop your ice cream and throw it into your blender. You'll pretty much want to fill up the whole thing. I know this seems like a lot but when blended it will go down to about half the size. One blender full will usually make enough for a normal sized cup for me and 2 smaller cups for the kiddos. The kids will always want more though, always.

Milk & Ice Cream - My Personal Accent

Add your milk.

How much milk you want is really up to you. I add just a little splash. The more you add, the more liquidy your blizzard will be. The little splash of milk though is needed to get the ingredients going. The heat from the blender will take care of melting the ice cream and forming more liquid.

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

Roughly how much milk I add.

Smash the Butterfinger - My Personal Accent

Send the butterfinger off to the Candyland in the sky!

Next you will need to make your butterfinger cry out in pain by smashing it with a mallet. Okay, well it is the smooth side of my meat pounder thing. I have also used a rolling pin with the same effect. We have tried breaking it up into the blizzard and it just doesn't work the same. So smash lightly with the wrapper still closed until it is good and crushed.

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

Add the crumbled deliciousness to the blender.

Once you have those little bars smashed up, open them over the blender and they will fall nicely right where you need them. No mess, no fuss!

Candy - My Personal Accent

Break out and break up those peanut butter cups!

Since the PB cups are more sensitive, they won't take kindly to being mashed with a mallet. So take them out of the package and just break them into pieces and throw them in the blender. The little ones can help with this step!

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

Looks good enough to eat already, right?

Once you have all of your pieces in the blender, you are ready to get started!

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

Give it a spin!

You want to start it off low and slow. So many people jump right up to liquify. The key here is patience! Start off by hitting your pulse button a few times, just a few seconds at a time will do the trick. Once you have done that a few times, with the setting on low, move up gradually. Start at puree, then chop, and then whip. It's okay if everything isn't blending perfectly just yet.


Your patience will be rewarded!

Once you have made your way through some of the lower setting, at least 15-30 seconds for each. Move on up to the high settings and make your way through starting at the bottom choice, such as blend. If you need to, carefully stick a spoon on the top to push the ingredients down a bit.

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

A tornado of sugary delight!

Once you make it up to the highest setting, or close to it depending on your blender. Let it go for a minute or two. This will give you a nice creamy consistency. If you like that cream consistency you will want to look for that little tornado of sugary delight! Once it gets that going, giving about 30 more seconds and you are done!

Whipped Cream - My Personal Accent

Your kids will undoubtedly want whipped cream before it makes it to the cup!

Now just pour into your chosen cups and top with whipped cream (optional).

DIY Homemade Blizzard - My Personal Accent

Are you drooling yet?

Drink out of the cup or throw in a straw (my preference) and you are ready to go! Enjoy!

1 Package of Butterfingers (or your candy of choice)
1 Package of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (or your candy of choice)
1 container of vanilla ice cream (or your flavor of choice)
1 container of whipped cream (optional)
A splash of milk

Butterfingers 6-pack minis - $1.19
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 6 pack - $1.19
Vanilla Ice Cream - $4
Whipped Cream - $1.49
Milk - $.13 (best guess for a splash)

Total: $8
That is for at least 3 blizzards with ingredients leftover to make more later or use for something else!

I'm Amber, and homemade DIY blizzards are part of My Personal Accent!


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