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Dollar Craft: Halloween Wreath

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Dollar Craft Halloween Wreath

So admittedly, I don’t like wreaths. I like looking at other people’s gorgeous wreaths and think they look beautiful on doors, but I am just not a wreath person.

However, I decided to make an exception for my favorite holiday, Halloween! While others look forward to making Christmas ornaments, I have always been excited about making severed witch’s fingers cookies ( coming next week!). So I decided to finally throw myself into a wreath I would be proud of, a Halloween Wreath!

The best part about this wreath? It is a dollar store craft! It is creepy with a little bit of pretty, easy, and affordable to make.

Here is the breakdown:

Supplies for Halloween Wreath

  • Wreath (given to me by Angela)
  • Skull from Dollar Tree $1
  • “Creepy Cloth” Black Mesh Netting from Dollar Tree $1
  • Orange Flowers from Dollar Tree $1
  • Black Roses from Dollar Tree $1
  • Orange Tulle Kid’s Skirt from Dollar Tree $1
  • Black Spray Paint from Dollar General $1.25

Total Cost: $6.25

Hardware for Halloween Wreath

  • Hot Glue Gun (optional, you can use pins or other glue instead)
  • Knife or Scissors (something sharp)
  • Pins (optional, you can use some type of glue instead)

Total Craft Time: 30 minutes or less

Tutorial to make Halloween Wreath

Supplies for Halloween wreath

Gather your supplies ( note, I had already spray painted the wreath in this picture)

The first thing that you need to do is spray paint the wreath. I did this because I didn’t want any natural color poking through my black mesh.

Hang up your wreath to spray paint it

Now this may look a bit odd but hang in there with me. In order to cover both sides well you need to lay it down, spray one side, wait until it dries, flip it over, etc. I am too impatient for this. Plus, I didn’t have a sheet I wanted to ruin. So I unwrapped the wreath and it was covered in this long piece of saran wrap. I just took the saran wrap, tied it to the wreath and then tied it to the tree. Open space means no harsh chemicals inside and it hanging up means I can hit both sides and be done in half the time.

Spray painted Halloween Wreath

The wreath after getting a fresh coat of black

Dollar Craft Halloween Wreath

Take your beautifully black wreath back inside once it has finished drying. Open up your black mesh and lay out it onto the table and place your wreath in the middle.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Fold one side of the mesh over and then fold the other side over.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Flip the wreath over and gather all of the excess in the back. Remember, this is the back, so it doesn’t have to be pretty. You don’t want to make it too tight because we will need a little give to fit the skill in the middle.

dollar tree halloween wreath

I pinned the excess down with about 3 pins but you could easily glue it down instead. If you use pins make sure to put it in at an angle so it will gather a good bit of the fabric and it won’t just slip through.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Flip the wreath back over after you have glued or pinned the back and push down to make sure there is enough give for your lovely skull.

dollar craft halloween wreath dollar craft halloween wreath

Next, you will need to pull all of the flowers off of the stems. You will be left with a few extra orange flowers, you can throw those on too if you prefer. I saved them for another craft.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Position all of your flowers on the wreath before securing them to make sure you will have them all in the place you want them.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Put some hot glue around the end of the flower, on the tip and a little around the base. Alternately, you could push a pin through the middle and pin it to the wreath.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Once all of your flowers are secure, take that little piece of tulle attached to the skirt and just rip it off. It will be fine, I promise. Get some aggression out! Rip it off!

dollar craft halloween wreathdollar craft halloween wreath

Now, get a knife or something sharp and get some more aggression out… stab that skull! One poke in on each side and a little wiggling around or another cut will make these nice little holes.

You know that little piece of tulle you ripped off? It will pull out into a nice little strip and you can thread that through the holes of your skull. We used a little piece of wire to pull it from one side to the other.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Put the skull in a good position on the front of your wreath and push those little pieces of tulle to the back and through the mesh. Then, tie it on the back. This will give the skull a little extra stability, more than just glue alone would provide.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Next, pull apart the mesh until you can see the skull, dot with a bit of hot glue, and then push the fabric around it on top of it to secure in place. I did this about 3 times around the sides and bottom of the skull for extra security.

dollar craft halloween wreath

After your skull is nice and secure, flip your almost finished wreath back over and then locate your tulle skirt. Cut one side of it right down from top to bottom. Pull it out to one long strand and cut off any elastic left over.

dollar craft halloween wreath

Wrap the piece of tulle around the outside of the wreath and secure (at an angle) with a few pins.

As an added bonus, you can take that little spider that came on the black roses and hot glue him on to your skull!

dollar craft halloween wreath dollar craft halloween wreath
dollar craft halloween wreath

And there you have it! A stylish, affordable, creepy but not too creepy Halloween Wreath!

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