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Pinterest: Are you Pinning It Right?

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Confessions of a Blogaholic

We will soon be started a series here on My Personal Accent that will be all about DIY blogging; Confessions of a Blogaholic! This series will cover how you can start a blog, tips to help improve your blog, how to gain traffic, tutorials, and more! We are starting the series off a little early to talk about the hottest topic around Pinterest!

With all of the Pin It parties, our own Thursday Blog Strut, and the new PINcentive Blog Hop, learning how to pin the right way is important. I know it seems simple, and it is, but what happens if you cannot find a Pin it button on the post? Or maybe you own a blog and don't know how to add share links or a Pin it button to your blog?

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentDon't fret! Confessions of a Blogaholic is here to help!

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

Here we will cover the basics of Pinterest use. We will assume that we all know how Pinterest, the largest online pin board, actually works. If you are not familiar with it yet, that is another post, but you can catch up here: What is Pinterest?

Contents feel free to jump to the section you'd like by clicking on the title

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

It seems pretty straightforward but everyone has their blog set up differently. Therefore, finding how to pin the post might prove to be a bit difficult. The general rule of thumb is to look at the top and bottom of the post. This is generally where you will find your Pinterest or Pin It buttons.

Here are some examples:

[caption id="attachment_4663" align="aligncenter" width="561"]Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent Screenshot from My Personal Accent (top)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4665" align="aligncenter" width="341"]Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent Screenshot from Crafty Wife (bottom)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4666" align="aligncenter" width="591"]Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent Screenshot from My Personal Accent (top)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4671" align="aligncenter" width="223"]Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent Screenshot from Cropped Stories[/caption]

Once you find the Pin It or Pinterest button, you can click on it. From there you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent It is always common courtesy to make sure the blog's name is in there. So for this one I would add "from My Personal Accent" but this isn't necessary, just a nice thing to do. It also does not hurt to add hashtags. For the particular example above after I add the blog title I might add #puzzles #kidsgames #matchinggames.

Sometimes you may find yourself at a screen that looks like this:

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent

Once you click on the Pin It button, a pop up identical to the first picture above will appear. Here you can select the board you want the pin to go on or create a new board. You can also add or modify the given description. Remember, it is proper pinning etiquette to at least include the blog's name.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

Say you have found a blog post you really like, an idea, or even a news article, but there is no Pin It button. Is all hope lost? Of course not! Navigate in a new tab/window to www.Pinterest.com. From there you can log in. Do you see your picture in the top right hand corner with the little plus sign next to it? Click it. It will give you a drop down menu of a few options.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent

Add from a website will allow you put the URL in of the post or page you want to pin. Upload a pin will allow you to select a picture on your computer to upload and make as a pin. This is generally good for info graphics, quotes, or graphics only.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentWhen you click Add from a website this little box will pop up. Notice I already pasted the URL.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentIn order to get the URL, go back to the window or tab with the blog post or page, highlight the text in the address bar, right click with your mouse, and choose copy. Alternatively, once the URL is highlighted you can press CTRL + C (hold down the CTRL button and then press C).

Go back to the Pinterest window and right click in the box where you would type and select Paste, or you can also press CTRL + V. Then click Find images.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentWhen you click Find Images this is the page that will come up. Generally speaking, if you can, you want to pin the image that has the title of the blog post.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentClicking on the image will bring you back to this familiar screen. Select the board you would like to pin this to. As you seen I have selected the appropriate image with the title on it, however, the description does not show up. I can easily see the title in the thumbnail, so I could write Dazzling Hanging Glass Bird Feeder from My Personal Accent #birdfeeders #spring #diy

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

Pinterest has made it even easier for you. You can now download an easy to use extension for your browser and pin any post or page you'd like!

You can download the toolbar for your specific browser by going to Pinterest Goodies.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentScroll down on the Goodies page until you see The Pin It Button. The website will automatically detect your browser and allow you to download the extension. Once you click Install Now, you will need to accept and it will take a few seconds to install. Usually this will give you a little Pinterest Button in your toolbar you can click.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentThis is how it looks in Chrome. You may see the Pinterest icon directly. Since I have a couple of extensions, I must click the little arrows next to my address bar, a little menu will come down and then I can click Pinterest.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentI will then be taken back to this familiar screen where I can choose the image I want to pin.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentAlternatively, you can click the Pinterest Bookmarklet link, or some browsers such as Safari will automatically direct you to it. With the bookmarklet you just need to hold down on the Pin It button with your mouse, and drag it up into your toolbar, which is next to or underneath where you put in web addresses. This will behave and react exactly the same as the extension we have shown above.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

This may seem like another no-brainer but it is not always as easy as it looks. Many Blog Hops, Pin it Parties, Linky Parties, etc. use InLinkz for their parties. Typically, a Pin It button or a Pinterest icon will appear on the thumbnail when you hover over the image with your mouse such as seen below.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent

Most pinners think that when they click either of the above links that they are actually pinning the post. But this is what happens:

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentYou get to the Pin It page for either post. The thumbnail is there but the description needs to be changed. No big deal, right? So you change it, pin it, the window goes away, and all is good, right? Not exactly.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentThis is what happens when you go to the first link you pinned. Because it is an inLinkz URL, Pinterest thinks something is odd about it. And while you can click the grey Keep Going link. Most people won't out of fear of a malicious or spammy website.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentThe second link looks okay too. But when you click it, it will actually take you back to the blog hop/linky party, no matter what post you choose. So if you were trying to save that post for later or help out the blogger by pinning it, it did not work.

So what do you do then? Completely ignore those Pinterest or Pin It graphics! With the first example, clicking on the thumbnail will still take you to the post, you just don't click the Pinterest logo. In the second example, clicking the thumbnail will immediately take you to pinning the wrong post.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentClick the title/link to the post instead.

This will open the blog post in a new window/tab and if you are wanting to pin the post because you like it, want to share it, or just want to help the blogger out, you can! Reference the other sections on how to pin from a blog, Pinterest, or browser, and pin away!

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

So now that we know how to pin things properly, what if you are a blog or website owner and want to have a Pin it button on your posts to make it easier for your readers? There are numerous options for you to do it! Here are some of the most popular:

If you are on a self hosted WordPress.org site: Download the Pin It Button plugin This will make a little Pin It button on the top, bottom, or both of your posts.

If you are on other blogging platforms such as Blogger.com or a website: Visit Pinterest.com Goodies

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentScroll down until you see Pinterest Widgets and click the link that says Make Pin It Button. Click it!

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent

You will be taken to a page that looks like the example above, just without all of my crazy markup! Select the Pin It button option, and then select One Image. This is the easiest pin you can make, but it can become time consuming since you will have to go through and set the image and page URLs for each post, especially if you want to set up your past posts. However, it also offers you the most control.

From this menu you will first set the type of pin count you want shown. I have illustrated and labeled the different options you can chose from above. After you decide on the type of button you would like, you must then copy your page/post address after it is published or most blogging platforms will show you the URL before you post it (highlight it the address, right click and copy or press CTRL + C. Then paste the URL into the URL box on Pinterest with either right click and paste or pressing CTRL + V).

Next you will have to decide what image you want them linking to. Usually this is the header graphic for the post that offers what the project or subject matter is in a photo and then has the post title and/or blog title on the image. If the page is already posted, or even if it is still in the editor, right click the image and select Copy image URL from the menu. Go back to Pinterest and use your favorite pasting method to paste into into the URL box. Make sure you erase what is already there as an example!

Finally, you will have to fill in the description. Don't make this terribly long or people may lose interest. Give a short blurb about what the pin is and who it is by. Even a simple My First Puzzle Matching Game from My Personal Accent would do just perfectly.

Then click on Build it!

This will give you a preview of your pin button and image that you have chosen. The first thing you should do is copy the JavaScript Code.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentThis code should only be copied into your website once. It will work for any feature buttons you may add on your posts.

Where to Place the JavaScript Code

In WordPress: In your dashboard go to Appearances < Editor and look for footer.php file. You may not notice it at first, especially if you have a child theme.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentAs you may notice, My Personal Accent was set up using a child theme. Most child themes will not have a footer.php in them, although some do. Select the main theme, which I know here is Genesis, and press the select button. What you see in the window to the left is what will load. Click on the footer.php file.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentCopy and paste the JavaScript code only that Pinterest gives you. In footer.php, locate the closing body which is pointed out in the picture above. From there paste the JavaScript code right above the closing body tag, as you can see pictured above. Click the blue button that says Update File.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentOnce that is completed (for the first and only time!) go back to Pinterest and copy the Insert the Link code. Paste this code anywhere HTML is accepted in your blog. You can write your posts out in visual as you normally would, but before you post go into the Text or HTML editor and paste the code before your text, after, or both! Wherever you want the pin it button to appear!

Selecting Any Image from the Pinterest menu will give you the same code above, only slightly modified. You will follow the directions exactly as stated above. What this will do is it will automatically grab the URL from the page the button is on, and let the users select what image they want to use and the description they want to give to the pin!

Finally, you can also choose to add the hover on image option. Click the Image Hover option and then click Build It!. There is no HTML associated with this option. You will just copy and paste the JavaScript into the same place the other would go (remember you cannot have both!) right before the closing body tag.

In Blogger: In Blogger log in, and click on the name of your blog to bring up your overview. On the left hand side menu, click Template. Your blog will appear and underneath it click a button that says Edit HTML.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal AccentYou will then be directed to a page that has the code for your blog in it. Scroll down toward the bottom. It usually is not exactly at the bottom but a little bit above, again you are looking for the closing body tag which is highlighted in the image above. Enter a space down and before the closing body tag, paste the Pinterest JavaScript of your choice as explained in the WordPress.org section above. Then click Save Template.

In WordPress.com: Unfortunately, WordPress.com does not allow any sort of JavaScript and this complete disables any sort of Pin It or Personalized Follow Me on Pinterest buttons. However, what you can do is log in to your WordPress.com Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets and then select the Text widget. You can then paste the following code into your widget:

" />

Notice that you have to replace YOUR_USER_NAME with your Pinterest username. The following code will produce a button that looks like this:

If you are interested in having a button like regular JavaScript users without the JavaScript that you can use in WordPress.com like this one:

followamberPlease contact me in the comments below.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

Another way to allow readers to share/pin your posts is through sharing buttons. The most popular are AddThis.com and Shareaholic.com.

[caption id="attachment_4710" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent Screenshot from Shareaholic[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4711" align="aligncenter" width="761"]Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accent Screenshot from AddThis[/caption]

If you are on WordPress.org you may also download the plugins to make life a bit easier: Shareaholic WordPress Plugin AddThis WordPress Plugin

Please leave a comment if you need any assistance with these websites or the code.

Blogging 101: Pinterest - My Personal Accents

After some of the extra trouble you may have to go through to get setup to pin properly, you may ask yourself, why pin posts at all? Of course you want your nice collection of recipes, craft ideas, or Holiday projects, but what is up with all of these Pin It parties? And why is the Blog Strut here at My Personal Accent asking you to pin posts now instead of just leaving comments?

The reason is traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Pinterest is the hottest social sharing site right now. Even if you are not into a particular post, you would be helping out yourself and your fellow blogger by pinning their posts. That is why Pinning parties are all the rage right now!

Think about it... someone sees a fabulous brownies recipe on your board that you pinned from one of your Pin It Parties. They love it! They repin it and follow you so they don't miss any more posts they may like from you. They may also check out your boards to see what else you have that they like. I know I do that. So not only does that person's pin get repinned, they get traffic from that person going to their blog, you get the likelihood of another follower, and possible repins of your items and traffic to your blog!

Just from participating in one Pinterest Party I pinned 10 posts. I received 8 repins of those posts from different people and those same people pinned at least one of my posts from my blog! That was just in one day.

If you aren't using Pinterest and using it properly, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for new readers, new followers, and more blog traffic!

Do you use Pinterest? Let me know and also ask me any questions you may have. I can help you with your coding, graphics, or any other blogging related questions!

I'm Amber Galore, author of the Confessions of a Blogaholic series, and helping you is part of My Personal Accent!


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